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Living Positive Is Still Living Your Best Life

Keep Your Viral Loads Down and Become Undetectable

Find Out How We Can Help 

HIV does not have a cure, but there are steps you can take to live healthy with HIV, including taking HIV medication. HIV treatment helps lower your viral load and, as a result, helps protect your immune system.

Ask us about other things you can do to stay healthy and safe, including:

  • Avoiding sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

  • Using protection every time you have sex.

  • Never sharing or reusing needles.

  • Getting help with substance abuse, stress, or depression.

  • Exercising and eating well.

  • Stopping smoking. Smoking can be more harmful to people living with HIV.

We are a Ryan White  Facility 

We work to improve the availibity and quality of care for all patients. including low income, uninsured or undersured people living with HIV. 

We support patients as the progress the HIV care continuum and include core medical services and a strong focus on HIV treatment.

Our main goal is to achieve viral suppression through HIV treatment. 
Stay healthy, live longer and reduce the chances of passing HIV to others. 

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