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Planes de seguro

We help several medical facilities and establishments with testing and treatment. Our goal is to stop the spread of infectious diseases throughout the community and provide additional resources and support needed.

Participating Medical Facilities

If you are interested in becoming one of our facilities that help test and treat the community members in your area please sign up by clicking here and one of our Facility Managers will contact you.

Business Office

It is always an incentive to provide your employees with on the job testing with a health and wellness day. Our tests are fast, easy and convenient. Get your health day event started by clicking here to fill out our corporate form and one of our event managers will contact you.

Community Centers

If you are an established community center that is responsible for the wellness of members and would like to provide free testing during your gatherings, click here and fill out the form and one of our community outreach team members will contact you to get started.

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